Don’t get me wrong.  I have hope.  I try my best to always live in the moment and enjoy each day at a time.  I know doctors don’t know everything or the path my daughter’s disorder will run at this stage. I hear from mothers all the time who tell me their child is still alive even though some doctor said they would only live until such and such an age…

That said, celebrating the fact that my darling Katherine Belle is turning one year older is bittersweet.  I also hear the stories from mothers who have lost their sweet angels. Some days it’s hard not to think about the future; some days the reality of our situation hits me especially hard, even at the most unexpected times, even something so simple as a party decoration can bring me to my knees.


Unbeknownst to me when I ordered it, this birthday crown is very clever and cost efficient.  Instead of buying a new one every year, I can use the same one and just add a new number…you get the idea.  Unfortunately, this little crown brought so many tears.  Will she get to use every number?  Please let her use all of these numbers.
IMG_8819Once my tears dried, I knew that I had to give my girl the birthday she wanted.  With the help of so many, including friends who opened their home and hosted a party, her birthday was everything she imagined and so much more.

I asked her what she wanted and she consistently answered the same: pink balloons, chocolate cake, cookies, and a mermaid doll.

IMG_2322_2IMG_2350 IMG_2346 IMG_2397_2 IMG_2371IMG_2507IMG_2244_2She even received a very special chair of her own to enjoy while lounging by a friend’s pool this summer.

IMG_2417_2IMG_2586She received many birthday presents, messages, and greetings, even from people we’ve never met. Caring folks who just wanted to send her something special…
IMG_2159_2IMG_2704IMG_2708IMG_2705IMG_2695IMG_2744Thank you so much for making Katherine Belle’s third birthday extra special.  We are blessed beyond measure to know so many wonderful people who share our hope and pray with us. I look forward to many future birthdays with my princess.


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